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Dilute Suncheeks


Quaker Parrots have a special diet. Consult the link to PetsMart's Quaker Parrot care sheet for more information on your bird's nutrition needs or consult your veterinarian.


It takes a little more effort to care for certain parrots. Like other varieties of bird, there are special considerations you need to take when setting up your habitat. Visit the Quaker Parrot Care Sheet from Petsmart in the 'Other Resources' links in this page.

Other Resources:

'Avian Web' - page with more information on Quaker Parrots.


'Quaker Wikipedia Page' - Provides information on Dilute mutations in birds.


'Quaker (Monk Parakeet) Care Sheet' - A valuable resouce from PetsMart to keep your bird healthy and happy!



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